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  • The Colonia Revolutionary War is over. A new and hopeful Republic rises. Here they will find their place in a new order — whether through negotiation, subterfuge, or force of arms. The story of the revolution is complex; and hidden agendas abound.

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    Every faction has their own mysteries to solve — and their own secrets to share. And only those who can see the big picture can hope to make right plays. Each faction can expect their own room, connected to others through corridors and common areas. The presence of additional spaces is rumored. The Helios Grand Hotel has secrets of its own.

    In the Helios Conspiracy, groups of up to six players will become one of the 10 factions. Each faction has its own unique narrative, interwoven with others.

    Factions discover and advanced their narrative by solving puzzles unique to each faction , playing mini-games with or against other factions, trading resources and information, and making difficult narrative choices. Within each faction, individual players may divide their time between all activities, or focus on specific activities depending on their interest. Each faction is unique as is its relationship with the others. Some are natural allies, others are hated enemies. Some factions may never cross paths at all.

    This is a game of unexpected discoveries and hidden agendas.

    The December Conspiracy: A Novel of Espionage in WWII Britian by Patrick Read

    So we rebelled. And won. Now we are a new government taking shape.

    But the Barony and their patrons remain a presence on Colonia. Our people are uncertain. And there are even those within the revolution who think we have not gone far enough. Nonetheless, with the support of the people, we will move forward, uniting an independent Colonia, one way or another…. The revolution has, it seems, put an end to over years of colonial rule by the faraway Barony of Ys. We, the remains of the Colonial Administration — elevated by the untimely deaths of our superiors — must now deal with the new revolutionary government, the so-called Colonia Republic.

    We must find a way to protect the interests of Ys despite the revolution…. They say the revolution is won. But Barony troops still stand on Colonia soil, Barony loyalists remain organized and unpunished, and the so-called heroes of the revolution drink coffee with Barony governors and Romanov taskmasters. Meanwhile, we who fought longest and hardest are called terrorists and fanatics. But it has only just begun….

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    There was peace and prosperity for all — certainly, for all of us. But then came the protests, then the skirmishes, then the war — and now revolution. We aided and even fought for the Barony of Ys, as was our duty. But we are still Colonian, and we still have a place here — a place that we are prepared to fight for….

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    The Romanov Family mines are the only known source of the world famous and much-coveted helios diamonds — a central pillar of the Colonian economy. The Romanovs have grown rich and powerful under generations of Barony rule. Now, revolution has come.

    Grounding All Those Conspiracy Theorists

    Some of us have started to take action. But that was all before the revolution. This time things will go differently…. And it is the only company trusted by the Barony of Ys to ship helios diamonds from Colonia to markets around the world.