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The setup paints a picture of Erin enjoying the finer things in life before being brought back down to Earth.

An Enchanting Resort

She can travel to the places she wants and enjoy the relaxing things that the world has to offer, but life at home continues and pulls her back in the midst of her splendour. The music fits the story perfectly. Voice and piano are all we hear through the verses and, as I mentioned earlier, these are delivered with real beauty and grace. They are the antithesis of harsh; calm and composed, keeping the focus of the listener on the lyrics and the soothing melodies.

Song Of the Islands

The chorus introduces the soft brushing of drums, if only to liven things up and separate it from the verse. Delicately played, this is the third and final element introduced. Voice, piano and drums. Simplicity at its finest.

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The vocal delivery in the chorus tends towards country, with a jaunty melody reminiscent of Dolly Parton. Prog in length, pop in structure. It does make me think of something that would be sung to a small child to calm its nerves in the midst of a thunderstorm.

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The cleanest waters in Europe. But the price of fish is a livelihood, and I raise my cap to Richard Thompson. They were rough and ready, but lots of fun.

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Lee Shore. My oh my. Even my hardcore punk lunatic brother likes David Crosby. One of the great singers.

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Wish I could be like him … apart from being fat, and bald, and old and the moustache. Next — the Paragons!

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And then I check out the links from the comments. We used to have that.

I know there was a dispute, but then political decisions were made to appease each other. It must have been a gigantic mountain before the glaciers melted. Please feel free to inform me more about it.

Betty Grable-Song of the Islands (1942)

Anyway, Overseer made up a cracking tune about it. Isla De Encanta — The Pixies.

Mama Papa — Joan Armatrading. Jamaica Farewell — Harry Belafonte.

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