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Ricochet Baby Launch, 14th November 1996

This week's RAW was surprising for multiple reasons. The biggest shocker of the show came from the entire storyline revolving around the father of Maria Kanellis' child.

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It all began with the gender reveal party backstage during which Maria told her husband Mike Kanellis that Ricochet was the father. Ricochet was dumbfounded by the revelation and tried to reason with Mike about how his wife was lying.

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Mike challenged him to a match, which ended in a comfortable victory for Ricochet. After the match, Maria came out and told Mike that Ricochet was not the father of her child and that she lied as a means to motivate her husband. As for Lana…what is even the payoff here? Is Rusev going to go find a new significant other and Lana gets jealous? Is Lashley going to ditch Lana when he gets bored of trolling Rusev?

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I want to give credit to Lana, Rusev, and Lashley for trying their hardest with these segments but like…what else can I say? Defendants of this storyline will point to social engagement or YouTube views like they tell the whole picture, but the reality is that this storyline is gross to a hefty segment of the audience. Really solid match.

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Baszler showed up at ringside fairly early into this one and was a constant presence as we led up to a Lynch hot tag. She decked Lynch as well. At some point, the onus is on her to make a splash that people cannot deny. She needs a dedicated moment to force the narrative to change.

Lynch showdown. Drew McIntyre.

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Wait what? Who on earth would pick him? And whoever picked that team is an idiot. What I will say, however, is that one only needs to look at history to tell you that picking guys like McIntyre or Orton will only cause problems.

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They were backstage when The OC started picking on Humberto Carrillo and got themselves booked in a 6-man tag match. Orton then feigned another RKO to Ricochet before telling him that he does what he wants when he wants. Skip to content. Shop Clothing Clothing.